our mission is to discover ways to save money and improve financial access for everyone

guiding principles

customers first

obsess over earning and retaining customer trust at all points of engagement and decision making.

innovate always

keep innovating on behalf of the customer to deliver highest quality product, services and processes

raise performance bar

employees are encouraged to upskill, be curious and continuously raise their performance bar.

bias for action

quick decision making, experimenting and calculated risk taking are valued highly.

data and gut

deep dive into data to gain insights but make decisions using both data and gut.

be ethical

be high on integrity and never compromise on ethics.

we are looking for talent

come join us at fortune club and be a part of the team that’s striving to make financial services more fun and inclusive. we are a young startup with BIIIG ambitions and we are looking for people who want to build stuff that will have long term societal impact. we encourage diversity of opinions, backgrounds, gender, educational qualifications, work experience and everything in between. we equally cheer success and failure with the same fervor as both are learning opportunities. We encourage everyone to dedicate 15% of their time on self-improvement, pursuing an interest/passion, building something innovative or performing public service.

junior frontend developer

1-2 years of experience no opening
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junior backend developer

1 year of experience no opening
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senior frontend developer

7-8 years of experience no opening
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senior backend developer

4 years of experience no opening
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